Most Imp MCQs for All Competitive Exams

Most Imp New MCQs for Coming Competitive Exams
By Angel English Academy-Jasdan
Pro. Kishan Rathod-8347262428

Set-1 1 to 100 MCQs: pdf

1.    ….. whom do the people work and earn?
A. In                                                                B. For
C. Around                                                       D. Why
Ans: B

2.    ….. ‘you’ a noun or a pronoun?
A. Do                                                              B. Have
C. Are                                                             D. Is
Ans: D

3.    ….. you ….. up the form for next exam?
A. How fill                                                      B. Did filled
C. Will fill                                                       D. When will
Ans: C

4.    400 videos ... already ... by Angel for English on YouTube.
A. are uploaded                                            B. have uploaded
C. are been uploaded                                   D. have been uploaded
Ans: D

5.    A policeman asked a girl what ... name was.
A. she                                                             B. hers
C. herself                                                        D. her
Ans: D

6.    He reminds us ….. Paul Walker.
A. about                                                         B. of
C. for                                                              D. with
Ans: B

7.    I ….. English now.
A. can speak                                                 B. can be speak
C. can speaking                                            D. am speak
Ans: A

8.    I am in .... hostel now.
A. boy's                                                          B. boys's
C. boys                                                           D. boys'
Ans: D

9.    Kishan sir is very much fond …. teaching English.
A. between                                                    B. from
C. of                                                               D. for
Ans: C

10. I would not allow you to enter .......... showing me a pass.
A. without                                                      B. for  
C. about                                                         D. before
Ans: A

11. …….. a telephone call, the driver  turned up for extra duty.
A. having got                                                           B. being got
C. having been got                                                D. had got
Ans: A

12. Mr. Bajpai spoke in…….. a way that all were surprised.
A. the same                                                              B. which
C. such                                                                     D. none
Ans: C

13. Find out ‘Adverb’ from the following options.
A. good                                                          B. honestly
C. other                                                          D. people
Ans: B

14. ……..sun shines very brightly in summer.
A. An                                                              B. A
C. The                                                            D. That
Ans: C

15. He just cannot sleep. He spent………. lying awake in the bed.
A. all of the night                                          B. all night
C. hole night                                                 D. whole night
Ans: D

16. ……… dogs seldom bite.
A. Barks                                                         B. Bark
C. Barked                                                      D. Barking
Ans: D

17. Tomorrow my bicycle……… by any one.
A. is stoles                                                     B. stolen
C. was stolen                                                D. will be stolen
Ans: D 

18. What time did you arrive…… the station?
A. in                                                                B. by
C. on                                                              D. at
Ans: D

19. China has…… people than Canada.
A. few                                                             B. fewer
C. some                                                         D. more
Ans: D

20. Did there bus come on time?
A. their’s                                                        B. theirs
C. their                                                           D. None of three
Ans: C

21. The abstract noun of ‘young’ is ………
A. Youngster                                                 B. Youth
C. Younger                                                   D. Younker
Ans: B

22. The thief was on good terms with the police:
A. Kept terms and conditions                     B. Was friend
C. Followed the them                                  D. Agreed with them
Ans: B

23. Traffic ……… by the school-boys now.
A. is being controlled                                  B. is controlled
C. is controlling                                            D. controlled
Ans: A

24. Do you know who ……….T.V.?
A. invented                                                    B. inventor
C. invently                                                     D. invention
Ans: A

25. Katrina and ….  read together.
A. me                                                              B. I
C. mine                                                          D. her
Ans: B

26. We need not have worried about the math exam. It was …..(very easy).
A. a hot potato                                              B. a piece of cake
C. a bun in the oven                                   D. a cold drink
Ans: B 

27. John put………… his clothes and went out.
A. through                                                     B.with
C.on                                                                 D. on
Ans: C

28. Choose the correct pronoun that can replace the underlined word.
Rohan is writing a report on Thoms Edison.
A. them                                                          B. it
C. he                                                              D. him
Ans: D

29. ……… everybody was safe and sound.
A. Lucky                                                         B. unluck
C. luck                                                            D. Luckily
Ans: D

30. He was lonely and aching……love.
A. about                                                         B. for
C. with                                                            D. in
Ans: B

31. ……… learning is a dangerous thing.
A. Little                                                           B. A Little
C. Few                                                           D. A Few
Ans :B

32. Will you mind……………sitting there?
A. I                                                                  B. me
C. my                                                              D. mine
Ans: C

33. Laxmi…………. to computer classes on Monday and Fridays.
A. go                                                               B. goes
C. going                                                          D. were going
Ans: B

34. He denied that he ….a liar.
A. was not                                                     B. is not
C. will not be                                                 D. was
Ans: D

35. He will not object….. my proposal.
A. in                                                                B. at
C. to                                                                D. into
Ans: C 

36. Rehan ate……  .
A. four breads                                               B. four bread
C. four pieces of bread                                 D. four pieces of breads
Ans: C

37. I…. your house yesterday.
A. passed by                                                 B. past  by
C. passing by                                                D. pasting by
Ans: A

38. The man … his hands… his pockets was standing at the gate.
A. within, to                                               B. for, under
C. with, from                                              D. with, in
Ans: D

39. Find the wrong spelling.
A. Amusement                                          B. Investigation
C. illustetion                                              D. Achievement
Ans: C

40. તેઓ તાજા અને ઉતમ ગુણવતા વાળા હતા.
A. They fresh and of best quality.            B. They was fresh and of best quality
C. They were fresh and of best quality    D. They are fresh and of best quality
Ans: C

41. … wish it, it shall be done.
A. yet                                                          B. though
C. all though                                              D. since
Ans: D

42. Can you hope…..the stars?
A. count                                                     B. to count
C. counting                                                D. to counting
Ans: B

43. Dave has got….email address.
A. A                                                             B. an
C. the                                                          D. a
Ans: B

44. … go, you will find people with certain problem.
A. Where                                                    B. Wherever
C. Whenever                                              D. Whoever
Ans: B 

45. Change the voice : He teaches us grammar
A. Grammar is being taught to us by him.           B. We are being taught grammar by him.
C. Grammar is being taught us by him.   D. We are taught grammar by him.
Ans: D

46. ….. you ever been a super star ?
A. Have                                                       B. Had
C. Was                                                        D. Were
Ans: A

47. Hardly had we reached the 3D cinema house ….it began to rain.
A. while                                                      B. when
C. then                                                       D. which
Ans: B

48. .All my colleagues in the office often share….lunch.
A. each other                                            B. one another
C. one another’s                                      D. each other’s
Ans: C

49. ….. Sagar Samrat is….. big ship.
A. A-a                                                             B. A-the
C. The-a                                                         D. The-the
Ans: c

50. I am a doctor ….. my wife is a nurse.
A. when                                                         B. while
C. so                                                               D. because
Ans: b

51. I feel better today than yesterday. (Change the degree)
A. I feel the best today.
B. I didn’t feel better today than yesterday.
C. Yesterday didn’t feel so well as than today.  
D. I didn’t feel so well yesterday as today.
Ans: d

52. ….. it stopped raining when we started our journey.
A. As soon as                                               B. Hardly had
C. No sooner did                                          D. Nevertheless
Ans: b

53. He is richer than …..
A. me                                                              B. her
C.him                                                             D. I
Ans: d

54. ….. you go really? You only arrived an hour ago!
A. Should                                                      B. Must
C. Can                                                           D. How
Ans: b

55. The bride was dressed ….. white ….. head ….. foot.
A. with-from-to                                              B. in-from-to
C.with-to-from                                               D. in-on-below
Ans: b

56. Let’s go to see ‘Bahubali’
A. I have seen it already                             B. I am seeing now.
C. I saw it already.                                        D. I would like it.
Ans: a

57. When you were young, ….. you climb a tree ?
A. did                                                              B. could
C. how                                                           D. should
Ans: b

58. The athletes who ….. the games are called competitors.
A. enter                                                          B. entered
C. while entering                                         D. are
Ans: a

59. He has no girl friends.
Here ‘girl’ is used as …..                            
A. common noun                                         B. singular number adjective                                               D. female
Ans: c

60. You speak so ….. that I can’t understand properly
A. fast                                                             B. fastly
C. slow                                                           D. nice
Ans: a

61. No one can help you, ….. ?
A. can he                                                       B. can she
C. can they                                                    D. can’t you
Ans: c

62. Mount Everest is  …. highest peak.
A. a                                                                 B. an
C. the                                                             D. no article
Ans: c 

63. Hetsi is talking with Nisarg as she has fallen in love with ….. .
A. he                                                               B. him
C. her                                                             D. his
Ans: b

64. How often do you play cricket?
A. On Tuesday.                                            B. For two hours.
C. Almost every day.                                    D. With your brother.
Ans: c

65. Shall we go ….. with new project?
A. in                                                                B. on
C. for                                                              D. up
Ans: b

66. Mr.X ….. at the University since 1990.
A. has been teaching                                  B. has been taught
C. is teaching                                               D. was teaching
Ans: a

67. Do you think this is something ….. can be learned?
A. who                                                            B. that
C. how                                                           D. what
Ans: b

68. How long did Jhanvi study last night?
A. with her friend.                                        B. in her room.
C. Maths and Science                                D. for three hours.
Ans: d

69. Pintu is too much upset today as he has a lot of home work and he ….. like
to do home work.
A. doesn’t                                                      B. don’t
C. isn’t                                                            D. hasn’t
Ans: a

70. Mayank is a ….. boy. He doesn’t do his any work systematically.
A. careless                                                    B. care
C. careful                                                       D. carelessly
Ans: a

71. Gifts ..... among the students now.
A. are distributing                                         B. were distributing
C. are being distributted                             D. are being distributed
Ans: d

72. He was too much busy as he was ..... his home work
A. was doing                                                 B. doing
C. was being done                                      D. did
Ans: B

73. We ..... to the cinema tonight. We have a lot of work to finish.
A. are going                                                  B. will b going
C. were going                                               D. are not going
Ans: d

74. Plants .... by the gardener, see.
A. are being watered                                   B. are watering
C. are being watering                                  D. are watered
Ans: a

75. The river ..... very fast after this rain stops.
A. flows                                                          B. will be flowing
C. is flowing                                                  D. has flowed
Ans: b

76. This is my mobile, where is ..... ?
A. yours                                                         B. your’s
C. your                                                           D. your’re
Ans: a

77. My father is a farmer but yours ..... an advocate.
A. am                                                              B. is
C. are                                                             D. does
Ans: b

78. Listen, a nice song ….. .
A. is singing                                                  B. has sung
C. was being sung                                      D. is being sung
Ans: D

79. Look, many students ….. kites.
A. are fly                                                        B. are flown
C. are flying                                                  D. are being flown
Ans: C

80. Do you know the reason ........ she has left sudy?
A. when                                                                B. why
C. how                                                               D. where
Ans: B 

81. News .... good.
A. is                                                                B. has
C. are                                                             D. must
Ans: A

82. Once, I have visited America. I know ….. cities there.
A. few                                                             B. a few
C. little                                                            D. a little
Ans: B

83. Look, a new missile …. .
A. is launched                                              B. is launch
C. is being launch                                       D. is being launched
Ans: D

84. ‘Kites’ …. the plural form of kite.
A. is                                                                B. are
C. have                                                          D. do
Ans: A

85. Susan sits ………. the tree.
A. under                                                         B. up
C. her                                                             D. she
Ans: A

86. You and I are doing our work,…….?
A. aren’t we                                                   B. aren’t you
C. are we                                                       D. aren’t I
Ans: A

87. Find out the wrong pair.
A. man- men                                                 B. photo- photoes
C. foot- feet                                                   D. mouse- mice
Ans: B

88. There ……. a lot of people at our party yesterday.
A. were                                                           B. was
C. am                                                              D. is
Ans: A

89. ……….  to the White Rann of Kuchch recently?
A. Have you ever been                               B. Are you ever
C. Have you ever                                         D. Did you ever have
Ans: A 

90. We shall /go out /  if it does not rains. / No Error.
(A)           (B)                    (C)                     (D)
Ans: C

91. Give synonym of “ascend”
A. Mountion                                                  B. Climb
C. Hill                                                             D. None
Ans: B

92. Param said to Vandana, “Are you willing?” Turn into Indirect narration.
A. Param asked Vandana whether was she willing     
B. Param told Vandana whether was she willing
C. Param aske Vandana if she was willing?   
D. Param asked Vandana if she was willing.
Ans: D

93. Find the adjective in the following sentence.
The sweet apple was purchased by my father.
A. apple                                                         B. sweet
C. my                                                             D. purchased
Ans: B

94. While targeting the goal of life, he met….. triumph and disaster.
A. after                                                           B. with
C. Not attempted                                           D. for
Ans: B

95. Run, our principal……… here.
A. came                                                          B. comes
C. coming                                              coming
Ans: D

96. The officer gave him ……… stamps.
A. used                                                          B. using
C. is used                                                      D. was used
Ans: A

97. Before the world – war II ended, USA…….two Japanese cities with atom bomb.
A. had been attacking                                 B. attacked
C. had attacked                                            D. had been attacked
Ans: C

98. An honest person will never cheat anyone ……… he gets a golden gift.
A. even though                                            B. even if
C. because                                                    D. if
Ans: B

99. Give the meaning of the idiom, “to draw a blank”
A. To succeed                                               B. To fill up the blank
C. To fail                                                        D. None
Ans: C

100.  Listen, a great leader…….. now.
A. was speaking                                                      B. has spoken
C. is speaking                                                          D. speaks
Ans: C

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