GSSSB Sub Accountant & Sub Auditor Most Im English MCQ Set-6

Sub Accountant & Sub Auditor Most Imp English MCQ Set-6

  • MCQ 76 to 90

76.    He and she .... watching a movie now.
a.    do
b.    is
c.    are
d.    were

77.    He didn’t wait even ….. minutes but started a lecture.
a.    few
b.    a few
c.    little
d.    a little

78.    He divided his property .......... his two sons.
a.    among
b.    in
c.    between
d.    in

79.    He has many .... .
a.    girl friends
b.    girls friends
c.    girls friend
d.    girl’s friend

80.    He is very weak. He ….. more.
a.    can walk
b.    can be not walked
c.    cannot walk
d.    can’t
81.    He or she .... watching a movie now.
a.    is
b.    are
c.    does
d.    has

82.    He reminds us ….. Paul Walker.
a.    about
b.    of
c.    for
d.    with
83.    How ….. you ….. solve this puzzle?
a.    can solved
b.    can be solved
c.    do solved
d.    can solve

84.    How many friends ….. she ….. ?
a.    do have
b.    does has
c.    does have
d.    are has

85.    How many kites ….. in the sky now ?
a.    are fly
b.    flying
c.    are flying
d.    have

86.    I ..... always capital.
a.    am
b.    is
c.    has
d.    do

87.    I ….. English now.
a.    can speak
b.    can be speak
c.    can speaking
d.    am speak
88.    I ….. English online since July, 2014.
a.    am teaching
b.    have taught
c.    have been teaching
d.    teaching

89.    I am also your friend. Would you invite me .......... your birthday celebration?
a.    on
b.    over
c.    in
d.    for

90.    I am in .... hostel now.
a.    boy's
b.    boys's
c.    boys
d.    boys'


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