GSSSB Sub Accountant & Sub Auditor Most Im English MCQ Set-13

Sub Accountant & Sub Auditor Most Imp English MCQ Set-13

  • MCQ 181 to 195
181.      How do we spell ‘god’ ?
a.            Never
b.            G-O-D
c.            God is always  kind
d.            We also believe in ‘god’

182.      The bride was dressed ….. white ….. head ….. foot.
a.            with-from-to
b.            in-from-to
c.            with-to-from
d.            in-on-below

183.      My friend Ganesha, ….. lives in heaven, has a mouse as a vehicle.
a.            whose
b.            who
c.            that
d.            he

184.      You are ….. a nice person ….. everybody likes to be your friend.
a.            such…as
b.            such…that
c.            same….as
d.            so…that

185.      The truck driver ….. responsible for the accident.
a.            was holding
b.            was held
c.            declared
d.            had

186.      Write only three answer, ….. ?
a.            don’t you
b.            won’t you
c.            will you
d.            do you

187.      No one can help you, ….. ?
a.            can he
b.            can she
c.            can they
d.            can’t you

188.      “Please, give me some eatables,” said a beggar to me.
a.            A beggar requested me that give him some eatables.
b.            A beggar requested me to gave him some eatables.
c.            A beggar requested me that gave some eatables.
d.            A beggar requested me to give him some eatables.

189.      ..... more you earn, …..more you can spend.
a.            As-as
b.            The-the
c.            If-than
d.            So-as

190.      Let’s go to see ‘Bahubali’
a.            I have seen it already.
b.            I am seeing now.
c.            I saw it already.
d.            It’s really a nice movie.

191.      Have you ever met Tom Cruise?
No, I have never met ….. .
a.            It
b.            him
c.            them
d.            her

192.      ..... he invited me, I would have attended his birthday party.
a.            Hardly had
b.            Had
c.            Had better
d.            If

193.      The athletes who ….. the games are called competitors.
a.            enter
b.            entered
c.            while entering
d.            are

194.      When you were young, ….. you climb a tree ?
a.            did
b.            could
c.            how
d.            should

195.      They are two brothers, but ….. of them is hardworking.
a.            none
b.            either
c.            neither
d.            every


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