GSSSB Sub Accountant & Sub Auditor Most Im English MCQ Set-4

Sub Accountant & Sub Auditor Most Imp English MCQ Set-4

  • MCQ 46 to 60

46.    300 videos ... already ... by Angel for English on YouTube.
a.    are uploaded
b.    have uploaded
c.    are been uploaded
d.    have been uploaded

47.    5,000 students had appeared in the exam. ..… students could get through.
a.    Few
b.    A few
c.    Little
d.    A little

48.    A festival of kites ….. very famous in India.
a.    has
b.    is
c.    are
d.    does

49.    A monkey ….. a long tail.
a.    have
b.    does
c.    has
d.    is

50.    A policeman asked a girl what ... name was.
a.    she
b.    hers
c.    her
d.    herself

51.    After six months, you can also speak in English ..... me.
a.    around
b.    like
c.    without
d.    about

52.    All the winners .... prizes tomorrow.
a.    will be given
b.    will give
c.    will be giving
d.    will have given

53.    America ….. the powerful president.
a.    have
b.    has
c.    is
d.    does

54.    Amirkhan ….. a new movie next year.
a.    is release
b.    will be release
c.    going to release
d.    will release

55.    Angel has been sending English Learning videos ….. July 2014.
a.    since
b.    for
c.    from
d.    in

56.    Angel is famous … English in Jasdan.
a.    for
b.    in
c.    about
d.    with

57.    Before sometimes, the monkey jumped .......... the river.
a.    on
b.    into
c.    near
d.    upon

58.    Before you gave answers, sir ….. them to us.
a.    sent
b.    will send
c.    had sent
d.    was sending

59.    Board ….. not ….. this question in the previous exam.
a.    did ask
b.    was ask
c.    does ask
d.    will ask

60.    Columbus was in search …. America.
a.    for
b.    of
c.    about
d.    under

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