GSSSB Sub Accountant & Sub Auditor Most Im English MCQ Set-5

Sub Accountant & Sub Auditor Most Imp English MCQ Set-5

  • MCQ 61 to 75

61.    Could is the past form of ….. .
a.    can
b.    can be
c.    cannot
d.    cloud

62.    Cut this apple .......... that knife.
a.    by
b.    with
c.    in
d.    into

63.    Do you always go to school … foot?
a.    on
b.    by
c.    with
d.    walking

64.    Do you think that flying an airplane is a .... experience?
a.    terrified
b.    terrifying
c.    terrify
d.    terror

65.    Don’t disturb the principal. He ….. in his chamber.
a.    sleeping
b.    is sleeping
c.    sleeps
d.    slept

66.    Eagle has been flying in the sky ….. last week.
a.    since
b.    for
c.    over
d.    before

67.    Elders ….. .
a.    should respect
b.    should be respect
c.    should be respected
d.    should have been respected

68.    English is taught .......... Kishan sir to us very easily.
a.    of
b.    by
c.    for
d.    with

69.    English ... all over the world.
a.    speaks
b.    is speak
c.    is speaking
d.    is spoken

70.    Girls have been teasing boys ….. 20 minutes.
a.    since
b.    for
c.    from
d.    in

71.    God has been distributing wisdom among people ….. many years.
a.    since
b.    for
c.    from
d.    so

72.    Hanuman ….. Ram too much.
a.    had
b.    was respected
c.    did respect
d.    respected

73.    ‘Have’ ..... used with plurals generally.
a.    is
b.    you
c.    are
d.    you

74.    Have you ever..... Taj Mahal?
a.    see
b.    saw
c.    seen
d.    have seen

75.    He ….. an airplane for 10 hours.
a.    has flown
b.    is flying
c.    has been flying
d.    will fly


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