English Grammar for Postman Competitive Exam-MCQs Set-13

English Grammar MCQs
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301.      A blacksmith uses……….
A. drill
B. plane
C. trowel                                                                              
D. bellows
Ans: D

302.      What ………. the girls playing at noon yesterday?
A. was
B. were
C. had 
D. had being
Ans: B

303.      The two brothers generally wear….. clothes.
A.           their
B.           one another’s
C.           each other
D.           each other’s
Ans: D

304.      He just cannot sleep. He spent………. lying awake in the bed.
A. all of the night                                                               
B. all night
C. hole night                                                                      
D. whole night
Ans: D

305.      Put a proper word.
The cat jumped………. the table.
A. over 
B. above
C. on
D. upon
Ans: D

306.      Opposite of ‘Stale’ in meaning is ……
A. Fresh                                                                              
B. Old
C. Steal                                                                               
D. Stalk
Ans: A

307.      “……. feels thirsty? ”  “Jiya.”
A. Who
B. Whose
C. Which                                                                             
D. Where
Ans: A

308.      I put …….my hat when I come home.
A. to   
B. with
C. up 
D. off
Ans: D

309.      Why …..going to the party?
A. didn’t David                                                                   
B. isn’t David
C. David not                                                                       
D. David isn’t
Ans: B

310.      Follow the principle, “Do it………. .”
A. himself                                                                            
B. yourself
C. themselves                                                                    
D. my self
Ans: B

311.      ………… did the family members go yesterday?
A. Why
B. where
C. When                                                                              
D. Whose
Ans: B

312.      Choose the correct pronoun for underlined part.
The farmers are going to their farms.  
A. Them                                                                               
B. We
C. They                                                                                
D. You
Ans: C

313.      …….. a telephone call, the driver  turned up for extra duty.
A. having got                                                                      
B. being got
C. having been got                                                           
D. had got
Ans: A

314.      Select the correct full form of: ‘CV’ (Used for one’s professional bio-data)
A. Curriculum vitae                                                           
B. Curriculum vision
C. Company vitae                                                              
D. Company vision
Ans: A

315.      You…… permission of your parents before taking this important decision.
A. should have taked                                                        
B. should have taken
C. should took                                                                    
D. should have took
Ans: B
316.      The ancient Indians were clever and generous.- make exclamatory.
A. How clever and generous were the ancient Indians!
B. How clever and generous the ancient Indians were!
C. How clever ancient Indians were clever and generous!
D. what a clever and generous the ancient Indians!
Ans: B

317.      Choose the word with correct spelling.
A. Recomendation                                                            
B. Recommendation
C. Reccomendation                                                          
D. Reccommendation
Ans: B

318.      The dog is playing with………. tail.
A. it    
B. his
C. her
D. its
Ans: D

319.      Mr. Bajpai spoke in…….. a way that all were surprised.
A. the same                                                                        
B. which
C. such
D. none
Ans: C

320.      Give the meaning of the idiom “break out”.
A. To break down                                                              
B. The break failure
C. To cut down                                                                   
D. To err up suddenly
Ans: D

321.      The husband and wife stood………. each other as they shook hands with the guests.
A. beside                                                                             
B. with
C. at   
D. besides
Ans: A

322.      Do you think David Beckham is….. English football player?
A. best 
B. as best
C. better                                                                               
D. the best
Ans: D 

323.      Find out ‘Adverb’ from the following options.
A. good
B. honestly
C. other                                                                               
D. people
Ans: B

324.      Would you…… the window?
A. close                                                                               
B. to close
C. closed                                                                             
D. closing
Ans: A

325.      ……..sun shines very brightly in summer.
A. An 
B. A
C. The 
D. That
Ans: C

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