English Grammar for Postman Competitive Exam-MCQs Set-14

English Grammar MCQs
Angel for English-Jasdan, Kishan Sir
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326.      Which spelling from below is right?
A. meintenence
B. maintenance
C. meintananse       
D. maitanance

327.      The word ‘approve’ is opposite in meaning to……
A. return        
B. confirm
C. reject         
D. accept

328.      No, I don’t have the details …… (ready at hand immediately available), but you can look it up the internet.
A. in my shoes         
B. behind the scenes
C. at my door steps 
D. at my fingertips

329.      Susan sits ………. the tree.
A. under        
B. up
C. her
D. she

330.      Mrs Smith is not pleased…. the new servant.
A. with           
B. of
C. at   
D. on

331.      The police made him…. his crime.
A. confess    
B. confessed
C. confesses
D. to confess

332.      You and I are doing our work,…….?
A. aren’t we  
B. aren’t you
C. are we      
D. aren’t I

333.      Shraddha…. since afternoon.
A. was working        
B. works
C. is working
D. has been working

334.      ….. the girls was selected for national scholarship.
A. Some of    
B. All of
C. One of      
D. Many of

335.      A life history of a person written by himself is …...
A. biography 
B. autobiography
C. geography           
D. biolife

336.      Find out the wrong pair.
A. man- men
B. photo- photoes
C. foot- feet   
D. mouse- mice

337.      We shall /go out /  if it does not rains. / No Error.
(A)           (B)                    (C)                     (D)

338.      Spoken or done without preparation
A. verbation  
B. verbose
C. extempore
D. amateur

339.      If she had worked had, she…….  in the election. (will+ elect)
A. will elect   
B. will be elected
C. would have been elected         
D. would have elected

340.      The teacher made the naughty boy……..
A. Tiptoed     
B. Tipoeing
C. Tiptoe       
D. To tiptoes

341.      Give synonym of “ascend”
A. Mountion 
B. Climb
C. Hill
D. None

342.      There ……. a lot of people at our party yesterday.
A. were          
B. was
C. am 
D. is

343.      ……….  you read, the more you will learn.
A. The Most  
B. The more
C. The lesser
D. The less

344.      Don’t go too …….. the edge.
A. up  
B. on
C. with           
D. near

345.      _____ I was tired I managed to finish the work.
Choose the correct option and fill in the blanks.
A. Although  
B. But
C. Yet
D. Still

346.      Neither of the biscuits you gave me…….. chocolate chips.
A. is contain
B. are contained
C. contain     
D. contains

347.      Param siad to Vandana, “Are you willing?” Turn into Indirect narration.
A. Param asked Vandana whether was she willing     
B. Param told Vandana whether was she willing
C. Param aske Vandana if she was willing?     
D. Param asked Vandana if she was willing.

348.      ……….  to the White Rann of Kuchch recently?
A. Have you ever been      
B. Are you ever
C. Have you ever    
D. Did you ever have

349.      વાક્યની ખાલી જગ્યા માટે યોગ્ય વિકલ્પ શોધો.
Kaushikbhai……… a grain merchant.
A. am                                                                        
B. is
C. are                                                                       
D. were

350.      Find the adjective in the following sentence.
The sweet apple was purchased by my father.
A. apple         
B. sweet
C. my 
D. purchased

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326.      B
327.      C
328.      D
329.      A
330.      A
331.      A
332.      A
333.      D
334.      C
335.      B
336.      B
337.      C
338.      D
339.      C
340.      C
341.      B
342.      A
343.      B
344.      D
345.      A
346.      D
347.      D
348.      A
349.      B
350.    B

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