English Grammar for Postman Competitive Exam-MCQs Set-15

English Grammar MCQs
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351.      Run fast ……get your ticket.
A. but   
B. as
C. otherwise                                                                       
D. and

352.      Which of the following sentences is correct?
A. Rahim and I playing chess.                                        
B. I and Rahim is playing
C. Rahim and I was plying chess.                                  
D. Rahim and I are plying chess.

353.      Choose the correct option to fill in the blank.
She did not sing so …… as her friend.
A. good
B. better
C. best 
D. well

354.      The  prime Minister dedicated…….. INS Vikramadity to the nation.
A. a      
B. the
C. an    
D. none

355.      Which of the following pairs stands for synonyms?
A. memory - brain                                                              
B. tolerate – forget
C. maverick – unconventional                                        
D. tea – cup

356.      Shall I not ….by you?
A. help 
B. being helped
C. be helped                                                                       
D. None of the above

357.      Find out the correct plural of “Wolf”
A. wolfs                                                                               
B. wolves
C. wolfes                                                                             
D. wolfess

358.      Do you  know the….. of your religion?
A. prinsipal                                                                         
B. principal
C. prinsiple                                                                         
D. principle

359.      The driver……… not control the bus, therefore the accident took place.
A. could                                                                               
B. had
C. would                                                                              
D. can

360.      ……….. we go, the thinner the air becomes.
A. The longer                                                                     
B. the high
C. The deeper                                                                    
D. The higher

361.      There is a fence ………. the pool.
A. on    
B. at
C. in     
D. around

362.      My uncle died ………. the war.
A. during                                                                             
B. with
C. at     
D. for

363.      How nicely the vegetables…….in that shop!
A. arranging                                                                       
B. were arranged
C. arranged                                                                        
D. arrange

364.      How……. your last question paper…….?
A. did.. attempt                                                                   
B. is… attempted
C. had.. attempted                                                             
D. was …attempted

365.      Attempts are necessary for success,……… ?
A. are they                                                                          
B. aren’t it
C. are it
D. aren’t they

366.      The person…… talks too much is seldom respected.
A. whom                                                                              
B. who
C. whose                                                                             
D. None of above

367.      By the end of summer, you….. your higher secondary examination.
A. will pass                                                                         
B. will be passed
C. will be passing                                                              
D. will have passed

368.      What is the meaning of “hearth” ?
A. health                                                                             
B. heart
C. fire place                                                                        
D. speech

369.      Where………. your books?
A. are   
B. is
C. was
D. am

370.      Make verb of the word ‘Central’.
A. Descentral                                                                     
B. Centran
C. Centrally
D. Centralize

371.      Synonym of “Donkey”
A. Wolf
B. Ass
C. Insect                                                                              
D. Hump

372.      I want to learn French language from the person …….is experienced.
A. what
B. which
C. who 
D. all the three

373.      I am going to buy some vegetables.-add question tag.
A.  amn’t I                                                         
 B. am I
C.  do I 
D.  ain’t I

374.      The phrase ‘to gulp down ‘means….
A. to swallow eagerly                                                        
B. to eat fast
C. to move quickly                                                             
D. to jump over

375.      Only the brave …..the fair.
A. deserving                                                                       
B. deserves
C. deserve                                                                          
D. none

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351.    D
352.    D
353.    D
354.    B
355.    C
356.    C
357.    B
358.    D
359.    A
360.    D
361.    D
362.    A
363.    B
364.    D
365.    D
366.    B
367.    D
368.    C
369.    A
370.    D
371.    B
372.    C
373.    D
374.    A
375.    C

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