English Grammar for Postman Competitive Exam-MCQs Set-16

English Grammar MCQs
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376.      He is ….. union leader
A. a      
B. an
C. the   
D. article not required

377.      It is shady……. the tree.
A. below                                                                              
B. beneath
C. under                                                                              
D. none of three

378.      Kumar is ….. B.A. of the M.S. University.
A. an    
B. a
C. the   
D. few

379.      At present, she is not going …….. library.
A. to     
B. at
C. on    
D. up

380.      ……… dogs seldom bite.
A. Barks                                                                               
B. Bark
C. Barked                                                                            
D. Barking

381.      Walk fast ….. you will miss the bus.
A. but   
B. and
C. otherwise                                                                       
D. so

382.      My parents ….. at 5:30 a.m daily.
A. got-up                                                                             
B. get up
C. gets up                                                                           
D. is get up

383.      Tomorrow my bicycle……… by any one.
A. is stoles                                                                          
B. stolen
C. was stolen                                                                     
D. will be stolen

384.      Where……….. they ……. tomorrow?
A. shall + go                                                                       
B. will + go
C. do + go                                                                           
D. did + go

385.      “………boys are there?” there are two boys.”
A. How much                                                                     
B. How many
C. why 
D. Which

386.      What time did you arrive…… the station?
A. in     
B. by
C. on    
D. at

387.      ……honest Indian soldiers are, a few can be bribed
A. Though                                                                           
B. As
C. However                                                                         
D. If

388.      China has…… people than Canada.
A. few  
B. fewer
C. some                                                                               
D. more

389.      Find correct spelling
A. buckey                                                                            
B. bouquet
C. booket                                                                             
D. bouquet

390.      A person’s life history written by some other person.
A. biography                                                                       
B. autobiography
C. geography                                                                     
D. biolife

391.      The explosion that….. the bus killed twelve people.
A. wrecked                                                                          
B. deflated
C. stalled                                                                             
D. hindered

392.      Opposite of ‘Professional’ is …..
A. Amateur                                                                          
B. Tradesman
C. Labour                                                                            
D. Customer

393.      Did there bus come on time?
A. their’s                                                                              
B. theirs
C. their
D. None of three

394.      A cure for all diseases
A. laxative                                                                           
B. panacea
C. antidote                                                                          
D. purgative

395.      The little girl with her flawless performance stole the show.
A. Stole something from the show                                 
B. Won everybody’s praise
C. Crept into the show                                                      
D. Disappeared from the show

396.      The thief was on good terms with the police:
A. Kept terms and conditions                                          
B. Was friend
C. Followed the them                                                       
D. Agreed with them

397.      Sachin did not play so ………. as Saurav did.
A. well 
B. good
C. better                                                                               
D. best

398.      The two brothers generally wear ……. clothes.
A. one others                                                                      
B. each other
C. one another’s                                                                
D. each other’s

399.      The abstract noun of ‘young’ is ………
A. Youngster                                                                      
B. Youth
C. Younger                                                                         
D. Younker

400.      Traffic ……… by the school-boys now.
A. is being controlled                                                        
B. is controlled
C. is controlling                                                                  
D. controlled

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376.       C
377.       C
378.       B
379.       A
380.       D
381.       C
382.       B
383.       D
384.       B
385.       B
386.       D
387.       C
388.       D
389.       D
390.       A
391.       A
392.       A
393.       C
394.       B
395.       B
396.       B
397.       A
398.       D
399.       B
400.       A

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