English Grammar for Postman Competitive Exam-MCQs Set-17

English Grammar MCQs
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Translate the following sentence in to English :
તમારે વચન પાળવું જોઈએ.
A. You must keep your promise
B. You keep your promises.
C. you will keep promises 
D. You must your promise
Ans: A

‘.’  is Called…… .
A. comma                                                                            
B. colon
C. semicolon                                                                      
D. inverted comma
Ans: D

Antonyms of REWARD:
A. Demotion                                                                       
B. Fortitude
C. Penalty                                                                           
D. Retribution
Ans: C

He was accustomed…….. chewing Tulsi leaves even when he delivered the lecture.
A. of     
B. about
C. at     
D. to
Ans: D

Kalidas is …..Shakespeare of India.
A. No article                                                                        
B. a
C. an    
D. the
Ans: D

No sooner did I open the door….. the cat ran away.
A. as    
B. when
C. than
D. so that
Ans: C

Tell me …..you have put my hat.
A. which                                                                              
B. what
C. where                                                                             
D. whom
Ans: C

One who dies for noble cause.
A. martyr                                                                              
B. gladiator
C. warrior                                                                            
D. murdered
Ans: A

That child died….. heavy fever.
A. at     
B. with
C. of     
D. from
Ans: C

My mother asked me when …..have a glass of milk.
A. I will 
B. I shall
C. I would                                                                            
D. Would I
Ans: C

To grease the palm means……..
A. To smooth                                                                      
B. To bribe
C. To win                                                                             
D. To make up mind
Ans: B

……you ever ….. Manali?
A. Have, visited                                                                  
B. Had, visited
C. Did, visit                                                                         
D. Will, be visiting
Ans: A

‘LATE’ नु Superlative degree
A. LATER                                                                            
C. LAST                                                                               
Ans: C

What is the opposite of ‘general’?
A. Particular                                                                        
B. Ambiguous
C. Rare
D. Straight
Ans: A

Give one word for the expression: ‘A disease which spreads by contact’
A. Herbal                                                                             
B. Infectious
C. Contagious                                                                    
D. Incorrigible
Ans: C

In my busy office schedule, I haven’t got…….. time for playing
A. no    
B. much
C. little 
D. few
Ans: B

“Please do not go away”, she said. Indirect of this sentence is
A. She said to please her and not go away                  
B. She told me to away
C. She begged me not to go away                                 
D. She begged that I not go away
Ans: C

It….. heavily, so I will take an umbrella with me.
A. was raining                                                                    
B. is raining
C. has rained                                                                     
D. rained
Ans: B

Human nature ….. from person to person.
A. vary 
B. very
C. varies                                                                              
D. veries
Ans: C

He ….his fingers by interfering in his neighbour’s affairs.
A. burnt                                                                               
B. cut
C. pressed                                                                          
D. hurt
Ans: A

The Manager doctors the accounts of the company.
A. to make changes in account books.                         
B. to clear the doctors’ bill
C. to verify the accounts in detail                                   
D. to manipulate the accounts
Ans: D

Synonyms for SECURE:
A. Independent                                                                  
B. Comfortable
C. Safe
D. Secret
Ans: C

Find the correct spelling.
A. perseverence                                                                
B. perseverance
C. perseveranse                                                                
D. parseverence
Ans: B

I wish I…….. a millionaire.
A. am   
B. are
C. was 
D. were
Ans: D

Both the friends were idle…… of them stood up to answer.
A. Neither                                                                            
B. Either
C. Each
D. All
Ans: A

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