English Grammar for Postman Competitive Exam-MCQs Set-18

English Grammar MCQs
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426.   Pick up a suitable word from the options which can replace: CAUTIOUSLY
A. Genuinely                                                        
B. Carefully
C. Secretly
D. Somewhat
Ans: B

427.   The person who conducts sales at which goods are sold to the persons making the highest bid or offer is called…….
A. conjurer                                                            
B. bursar
C. chairman                                                         
D. auctioneer
Ans: D

428.   Pick out the odd word from :
A. dentist                                                               
B. doctor
C. pupil                                                                 
D. engineer
Ans: C

429.   If ……… I would not lose temper.
A. I were you                                                        
B. I was you
C. I am not you                                                    
D. I am you
Ans: A

430.   Imam Husian died ……… a noble cause.
A. of                                                                       
B. for
C. in                                                                       
D. at
Ans: B

431.   Use the correct verb :
A mango was ……….. by Manju.
A. eat                                                                     
B. ate
C. eats                                                                   
D. eaten
Ans: D

432.   Rohan was …… till death by the dacoits.
A. hanged                                                             
B. hung
C. haning                                                             
D. hunged
Ans: A

433.   Early to bed and early to rise………. a man healthy, wealthy.
A. make                                                                 
B. makes
C. shall make                                                       
D. made
Ans: B
434.   Choose the one which best expresses the same sentence in Indirect speech:
He said to them, “Don’t make a noise”
A. He told them that don’t make noise
B. He told them not to make noise
C. He told them not  make a noise
D. He asked them not to make a noise
Ans: D

435.   She could never measure up to her parent’s expectation.
A. Reach the level                                              
B. Asses the amount
C. Word as hard                                                  
D. Increase her height
Ans: A

436.   John’s offer of help was turned down by the police.
A. Sent back                                                         
B. Refused
C. Twisted around                                               
D. Handed over
Ans: B

437.   The letter has already………. . It must have reached by now.
A. sent                                                                   
B. send
C. been send                                                       
D. been sent
Ans: D

438.   He said, “I shall go as soon as it is possible.” -Turn into Indirect speech
A. He said that he should go as soon as that was possible
B. He said that he will go as soon that was possible.
C. He said that he shall go as soon as it is possible
D. He said that he would go as soon a sit was possible
Ans: D

439.   One who hates woman is called …..
A. philanthropist                                                  
B. ascetic
C. misogamist                                                      
D. misogynist
Ans: D

440.   A system of naming things
A. horticulture                                                      
B. miniature
C. genocide                                                          
D. nomenclature
Ans: D

441.   A raised passageway in a building
A. walkway                                                           
B. walkouts
C. walkabout                                                        
D. walkout
Ans: A

442.   Mayank ………. overtime for the last two weeks.
A. is working                                                        
B. has been working
C. is being working                                             
D. does
Ans: B

443.   Every morning I get up at 4 O’ clock, but today I ………. 7 o’clock.
A. got up                                                               
B. am getting up
C. was getting up                                                
D. could not got up
Ans: A

444.   Most children ……… ice-cream.
A. likes                                                                  
B. were liking
C. like                                                                    
D. are like
Ans: C

445.   ……..takes charge of a prison.
A. An editor                                                          
B. An optician
C. A detective                                                       
D. A warden
Ans: A

446.   After a day’s work, they slept……..  .
A. soundly                                                            
B. slowly
C. strangely                                                          
D. severely
Ans: A

447.   He……. for you all day. He’s still waiting now.
A. has been waiting                                            
B. has waited
C. waited                                                               
D. had waited
Ans: B

448.   Choose the correct pronoun that can replace the underlined word.
An ice cream truck drove down the street.
A. It                                                                         
B. They
C. Her                                                                    
D. Him
Ans: A

449.   Heena……. to buy the new dress she wants.
A. doesn’t have money enough                       
B. isn’t enough money
C. doesn’t have enough money                       
D. don’t have enough money
Ans: C

450.   Look at all those black clouds! It……..today.
A. is going to rain                                                
B. is raining
C. will be rain                                                       
D. rains
Ans: A

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