English Grammar for Postman Competitive Exam-MCQs Set-19

English Grammar MCQs
Angel for English-Jasdan, Kishan Sir
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451.   He was caught…… trying to steal (caught in the act of stealing) a car.
A. red- handed                                                     
B. black-handed
C. handed                                                            
D. close handed

452.   Anita and I don’t see ……very often.
A. ourselves                                                         
B. themselves
C. each other                                                       
D. us

453.   I…..my home work already.
A. have done                                                       
B. am doing
C. shall do                                                            
D. has done

454.   “………….are you today?” “I’m fine, thank you.”?
A. How                                                                  
B. Who
C. What                                                                 
D. Where

455.   We need not have worried about the math exam. It was …..(very easy).
A. a hot potato                                                      
B. a piece of cake
C. a bun in the oven                                           
D. a cold drink

456.   Choose the correct pronoun that can replace the underlined word.
Rohan is writing a report on Thoms Edison.
A. them                                                                  
B. it
C. he                                                                      
D. him

457.   The taxi……   .
A. has not arrive yet                                            
B. does not arrive yet
C. has not arrived yet                                         
D. is not arrived yet

458.   Where ……your books?
A. am                                                                     
B. is
C. are                                                                     
D. was

459.   I learned my multiplication tables …….. (memorized them) when I was 7.
A. by ear                                                                
B. by brain
C. in over my head                                              
D. by heart

460.   It was very cold….. all the windows were open.
A. or                                                                       
B. but
C. so                                                                      
D. because

461.   He was lonely and aching……love.
A. about                                                                
B. for
C. with                                                                   
D. in

462.   The cat is playing with….. tail.
A. its                                                                       
B. his
C. it                                                                        
D. her

463.   She….. Martin since she was a child.
A. has been known                                            
B. is knowing
C. has known                                                      
D. knew

464.   John put………… his clothes and went out.
A. through                                                            
B. with
C. in                                                                       
D. on

465.   Do you know who ……….T.V.?
A. invented                                                           
B. inventor
C. invently                                                            
D. invention

466.   ……… everybody was safe and sound.
A. Lucky                                                                
B. unluck
C. luck                                                                   
D. Luckily

467.   When father returned, we ……..
A. was played                                                      
B. played
C. were playing                                                   
D. are playing

468.   Cancer is still ……..
A. incurable                                                          
B. curable
C. sufficient                                                          
D. capable

469.   Taj Mahal…….. by Shahjahan.
A. are built                                                            
B. is built
C. was built                                                          
D. were built

470.   Gujarat is …… for its cotton industry.
A. famous                                                             
B. fame
C. familiar                                                             
D. family

471.   ……. is the minister absent today?
A. Why                                                                  
B. When
C. who                                                                   
D. whom

472.   Katrina and ….  read together.
A. me                                                                     
B. I
C. mine                                                                 
D. her

473.   Who is older …… you two?
A. between                                                           
B. among
C. from                                                                  
D. on

474.   Choose the correct pronoun for underlined part.
The farmers are going to their farms.  
A. Them                                                                
B. We
C. They                                                                 
D. You

475.   Wait here till you……
A. called                                                                
B. is called
C. were called                                                      
D. are called
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451.         A
452.         C
453.         A
454.         A
455.         B
456.         D
457.         C
458.         C
459.         D
460.         D
461.         B
462.         A
463.         C
464.         D
465.         A
466.         D
467.         C
468.         A
469.         C
470.         A
471.         A
472.         B
473.         A
474.         C
475.         D

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