English Grammar for Postman Competitive Exam-MCQs Set-20

English Grammar MCQs
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Answers are given below:

476.   ……. students never disobey their teachers & elders.
A. Obedient
B. Obey
C. Obedience                                                       
D. Disobey

477.   Roma is…... than Ram.
A. tall                                                                     
B. tallest
C. taller                                                                  
D. the tallest

478.   Replace the underlined part of the following sentence with appropriate option.
These days every country is afraid of terrorism.
A. At least                                                             
B. At last
C. At present                                                        
D. At past

479.   Can anyone…… two masters?
A. serve                                                                 
B. be served
C. is serving                                                         
D. served

480.   Choose the correct pronoun for the underlined part.
The cows are under the tress.
A. Them                                                                
B. you
C. Their                                                                 
D. They

481.   The officer gave him ……… stamps.
A. used                                                                  
B. using
C. is used                                                             
D. was used

482.   Select the correct form of verb for underlined part of the sentence.
You idiot, follow my order
A. to carry away                                                   
B. to carry on
C. to carry out                                                       
D. to carry off

483.   ………. river in India is so long as the Ganga
A. Any other                                                         
B. No other
C. Many                                                                
D. All

484.   Run, our principal……… here.
A. came                                                                 
B. comes
C. coming                                                             
D. is coming

485.   Make negative:
Only he can solve this problem.
A. None but he can solve this problem.          
B. Not anyone accept he can solve this problem.
C. Everyone can never solve this problem.    
D. All cannot solve this problem.

486.   Many a man……..so.
A. has done                                                          
B. have done
C. are doing                                                         
D. were doing

487.   Do not smoke while you……… .
A. driving                                                              
B. are driving
C. drove                                                                
D. driven

488.   Turn into active voice – “Ugly ducklings have to be found by you.”
A. You have found ugly ducklings.                 
B. You have to find ugly ducklings.
C. You have to been find ugly ducklings.      
D. You have to been found Ugly.

489.   Bruno said,” Where…… the real truth?”
A. they have been exposed                              
B. they have exposed
C. have they been exposed                              
D. have they exposed

490.   Antonym of “Conduct”?
A. Misconduct                                                      
B. Inconduct
C. Conductness                                                  
D. Disconduct

491.   While targeting the goal of life, he met….. triumph and disaster.
A. after                                                                   
B. with
C. Not attempted                                                  
D. for

492.   He is ………. eye specialist.                   
A. a                                                                        
B. an
C. the                                                                     
D. on

493.   Make the noun of ‘Achieve’
A. Achieved                                                          
B. Achieving
C. Achievement                                                   
D. Disachieve

494.   He is utmost confident and sure …… succeed.
A. with                                                                   
B. by
C. to                                                                       
D. none of above

495.   Shreya put …….. her clothes and went out.
A. with                                                                   
B. in
C. on                                                                      
D. through

496.   ……… a rich fellow, he never helps needy people.
A. Being                                                                
B. Be
C. Became                                                            
D. Become

497.   I ………. my homework already.
A. am doing                                                          
B. shall do
C. has done                                                         
D. have done

498.   He cooked food for the family……. it was midnight.
A. till                                                                       
B. instead of
C. rather                                                                
D. by

499.   The taxi ………. .
A. does not arrive yet                                          
B. has not arrived yet
C. is not arrived yet                                             
D. has no arrive yet

500.   No sooner…. call him than he shouted.
A. am I                                                                   
B. had I
C. did I                                                                   
D. was I
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476.      Obedient
477.      Taller
478.      At present
479.      serve
480.      They
481.      used
482.      to carry out
483.      No other
484.      is coming
485.      None but he can solve this problem.
486.      has done
487.      are driving
488.      You have to find ugly ducklings.
489.      have they exposed
490.      Misconduct
491.      with
492.      an
493.      Achievement
494.      to
495.      on
496.      Being
497.      have done
498.      till
499.      has not arrived yet
500.      did I
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