GSSSB Sub Accountant & Sub Auditor Most Im English MCQ Set-14

Sub Accountant & Sub Auditor Most Imp English MCQ Set-14

  • MCQ 196 to 210

196.      He has no girl friends. Here ‘girl’ is used as …..
a.            common noun
b.            singular number
c.            an adjective
d.            female

197.      Wings of Fire ….. an autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam.
a.            are
b.            is
c.            has
d.            was

198.      …. I use your cell phone as I have forgotten it?
a.            May
b.            Should
c.            Would
d.            Do

199.      Divya ….. Dimple if she could take her scooty.
a.            told
b.            helped
c.            sent
d.            asked

200.      We ….. our home work just now.
a.            are finished
b.            have finished
c.            had finished
d.            are finishing

201.      There ….. many children on the playground yesterday.
a.            are
b.            were
c.            did
d.            playing

202.      ‘To arrive’ means …..
a.            to go
b.            to come
c.            to see
d.            to arrest

203.      Next week, she is going to Surat with a view to …..  a seminar.
a.            will attend
b.            attend
c.            attends
d.            attending

204.      Listen, someone ….. a song.
a.            is singing
b.            sings
c.            singing
d.            will

205.      He has killed his own father. He is in jail because of ….. .
a.            father’s death
b.            homicide
c.            suicide
d.            patricide

206.      A mosquito is flying ….. your head.
a.            inside
b.            outside
c.            over
d.            on

207.      Plural form of ‘deer’ is …..
a.            deer
b.            deeres
c.            deers
d.            dear

208.      People are mad ….. money
a.            over
b.            after
c.            in
d.            with

209.      One who has no parents is called …..
a.            orphan
b.            abundant
c.            lucky
d.            careless

210.      This is the hotel ….. I had stayed last night.
a.            which
b.            that
c.            where
d.            costly

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