GSSSB Sub Accountant & Sub Auditor Most Im English MCQ Set-15

Sub Accountant & Sub Auditor Most Im English MCQ Set-15

  • MCQ 211 to 225
211.      Find out the wrong spelling.
a.            communication
b.            pention
c.            cassette
d.            Independent

212.      The scientific study of the human mind and behaviour is called …..
a.            Astrology
b.            Biology
c.            Pathology
d.            Psychology

213.      Find the odd word.
a.            a dog
b.            an ox
c.            a cow
d.            a parrot

214.      I think that sign means we ….. enter the building. Look, there is a security guard too.
a.            mustn’t
b.            have to
c.            will
d.            don’t

215.      ….. a wonderful picture it is?
a.            How
b.            What
c.            So
d.            Very

216.      Don’t chew panmasala, ….. ?
a.            will you
b.            should you
c.            are you
d.            never you

217.      ….. me, you should read English newspapers daily.
a.            Because of
b.            Inspite of
c.            According to
d.            Though

218.      Superlative form of adjective ‘popular’ is …..
a.            popularity
b.            popularest
c.            most popular

219.      Antonyms of ‘Qualify’.
a.            Imqualify
b.            Misqualify
c.            Disqualify
d.            Unqualify

220.      I always get up early. Here, what part of speech ‘get up’ is …..
a.            an adjective
b.            a verb
c.            a preposition
d.            simple present

221.      My wife is a good cook.
a.            I am agree with you
b.            I agree with you
c.            I am agree to you
d.            I agree to you

222.      Why do you travel by ….. bus?
a.            a
b.            an
c.            the
d.            no article

223.      People ….. not ….. time.
a.                  do-have
b.                  are –have
c.                   have-many
d.                  are-much

224.      Dhirubhai went to America  …. earn money.
a.            with a view to
b.            for
c.            in order that
d.            in order to

225.      Yesterday, the terrorists made the captives …. in a queue and then shot them dead..
a.            to stand
b.            standing
c.            stand
d.            stood


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